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Our Mission

We believe that effective supply chains are critical for economies to thrive, but this is especially challenging in developing countries where data transparency is low and trust in new suppliers is weak. SupplierRate's mission is to enable high-quality suppliers to gain access to opportunities in global supply chains while buyers to grow in confidence.

Our Story

SupplierRate started as a division of Inoxico (Pty) Ltd in 2014 in South Africa. Inoxico had been involved in sourcing data on companies across Africa and developed an innovative approach to use that information to verify and assess suppliers for large companies. 

The initial years of SupplierRate was focused on developing the database infrastructure as well as the software and analytical tools to deliver an enterprise-grade service, no matter where suppliers on the African continent were being assessed.

In 2023, SupplierRate had grown to such a level that it was carved-out of Inoxico and set up as a completely independent business, with a goal of becoming the leading supplier ratings supplier globally.

The SupplierRate leadership team has over five decades' worth of experience in risk, technology, data, and enterprise solutions, enabling the consistent delivery of a world-class set of solutions for blue-chip multinationals as well as local private champions.


The extensive leadership capabilities and experience are combined with a passion for transparency, good governance, and positive citizenship. We believe in the power of data and analytics to help good quality suppliers to thrive and for our customer's businesses to benefit from dealing with them.

Our team is dedicated to the mission and values of SupplierRate as we believe these will drive a powerful and positive impact in developing countries worldwide.

Experienced Leadership

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