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Buy with confidence from suppliers you can trust

Leading procurement teams rely on our independent expertise and ratings to identify and monitor supplier risks 

Harness the power of our models and data to rate your suppliers 

Automated and expert ratings differentiate between high and low risk suppliers, removing subjectivity from supplier selection decisions.

Supplier Risk Analytics

Determine the potential risk of dealing with suppliers using expert and analytical models

Enhanced by Research

Complement public data with targeted research and interviews to develop holistic supplier profiles

Data Source Integration

Data is sourced from multiple locations and integrated into one version for the rating

Make Informed Decisions

Receive the ratings and analytics via reports, dashboards or data feeds, informing your selection decisions

Maintain supplier risk ratings.
Buy with confidence.

The world of your suppliers is changing every rapidly, with new risks and opportunities impacting them every day. For you to stay on top of all these changes is impossible without a reliable partner that understands how changes in data affect your suppliers.

SupplierRate collects and monitors data from multiple sources to detect important changes. Ratings are reviewed, either automatically as a result of changes, or at key purchasing moments.

Our customers have come to rely on our ratings for their reliability and ability to inform selection and purchasing decisions, as well as support ongoing risk management.

Our customers have a high level of confidence in dealing with suppliers because of the trust they have in the risk ratings we provide.

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Are You Ready to Build Confidence in your Suppliers?

Use SupplierRate to help you develop the risk ratings and product configurations that you need to transact with confidence with your suppliers.

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